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Mã sản phẩm: FTXZ25NVME8

Hãng: Actronair

Bảo hành: 3 năm

Thông số kỹ thuật:

- Công suất: làm lạnh 2.45 (0.6-3.9) kW / làm nóng 3.6 (0.6-7.5) kW

- Kích thước dàn lạnh : 295 x 798 x 370 mm / 38/26/19 dB(A)

- Kích thước dàn nóng : 595 x 795 x 300 mm / 46 dB(A)

- Công suất điện tiêu thụ: làm lạnh 430 (110-880)W / sưởi ấm 620 (100-2,010) W

Tình trạng: Còn Hàng

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Khuyến mại: Tặng PMH trị giá 300.000đ + Tặng công lắp đặt + Tặng gói bảo dưỡng + Trả góp 0.5% trong 6 tháng với ACS


 Performance and efficiencies through smart engineering.


ActronAir’s unique Tri-Capacity technology, is designed and engineered in-house in our Sydney headquarters specifically for Australian conditions. Ideal for medium to large sized applications such as restaurants, banks, conference spaces, two-storey offices and cinemas, our Tri-Capacity delivers demonstrable benefits in energy efficiency, performance and ease of installation.


 Unique compressor technology
The Tri-Capacity compressor configuration was designed to better match the thermal load of a typical commercial building, delivering 3 stages: 33%, 67% and 100% of system capacity. Not only does this deliver improved seasonal energy efficiency through fewer adjustments, it also results in less cyclic degradation and more finely tuned occupant comfort.
 Comfort by degrees
Tri-Capacity offers superior comfort, a crucial factor for the success of businesses keen to draw customers in through the doors. It delivers more control and less temperature swings than a 50%-100% capacity option, which also can create wear and tear through compressors cycling on and off more frequently.
 Engineering better outcomes
Tri-Capacity is designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australia. That’s important. Australia’s climate puts demands on air conditioning not found in other parts of the world, particularly in summer. And that has meant our engineers have made design decisions accordingly. From the componentry, to the magnets, coils and high performance outdoor fans, the material choice is high quality, reliable, and made to last for the long term. That’s better for business – yours and ours.


 Significant energy efficiency for a more comfortable bottom line
Tri-Capacity delivers superb energy efficiency, with an IEER for 3.62 – up to 32% more efficient than the minimum BCA compliant system. It also surpasses ASHRAE 90.1, one of the most recognised standards for building energy efficiency in the US. That can make a huge difference to long-term energy costs.
 High efficiency EC Fan technology
EC Plug Fans deliver exact airflow requirements while minimising power usage, and are up to 50% more efficient versus traditional forward curve belt and pulley systems. They also provide enhanced comfort and improved maintenance of system performance.
 Above and beyond Australian Standards
Tri-Capacity is engineered to not just comply with, but in the case of the 47kW model significantly exceed Australian MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards). This approach is a source of company pride, from the smallest single room split system to our largest commercial system. We’ve always been very open with our data and testing, and welcome more of it in the air conditioning industry. It’s about doing the right thing by our customers and the environment, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


 Louvered Grille
Tri-Capacity’s powder coated louvered grille guard allows for better airflow and protection in Australia’s extreme conditions, engineered to withstand over 1,000 hours of salt spray exposure under stringent Australian testing standards.
 Large Indoor Heat Exchangers
Provides optimised refrigeration circuit, features an enhanced rifle bore tube, and comes with blue fin epoxy coated hydrophilic coil protection.
 Stay in Control
Tri-Capacity offers great flexibility with regards to controls, coming with an inbuilt controls solution but also providing BMS connectivity using the BACNET/MODBUS option. There is also dual control capability for enhanced user access, and enhanced service & maintenance features like event alarm notification and monitor system operation parameters. Finally, there is also a program control feature for set airflow requirements.


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