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Mã sản phẩm: FTXZ25NVME9

Hãng: Actronair

Bảo hành: 3 năm

Thông số kỹ thuật:

- Công suất: làm lạnh 2.45 (0.6-3.9) kW / làm nóng 3.6 (0.6-7.5) kW

- Kích thước dàn lạnh : 295 x 798 x 370 mm / 38/26/19 dB(A)

- Kích thước dàn nóng : 595 x 795 x 300 mm / 46 dB(A)

- Công suất điện tiêu thụ: làm lạnh 430 (110-880)W / sưởi ấm 620 (100-2,010) W

Tình trạng: Còn Hàng

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 The brains and brawn redefining air conditioning efficiencies.

Hercules is the most advanced, energy efficient packaged unit ever made in Australia. The first packaged system to have twin inverter compressors, it’s big in lots of ways. Rated to a superior operating range, Hercules can handle the most extreme conditions Australia can throw at it, designed for large spaces such as warehouse stores, shopping centres, airport terminals, and car showrooms. But along with all that brawn comes some very brainy energy efficient thinking.

ActronAir was the first air conditioning company to use inverter technology in a large-scale commercial air conditioner, and it allows superb flexibility.


 Big, better, best
Hercules delivers the highest energy efficiency in its class, with an IEER of 4.29. In fact, Hercules is over 42% more efficient than the minimum BCA compliant system.
 A gentle giant
Although designed to handle a 195kW load, Hercules can ramp right down to 25%, saving a lot of energy when load requirements are down. It’s a pressing 21st century business issue, especially when your carbon footprint can put the boot into your bottom line.


 Improved energy efficiency through new technology
A technological first, Hercules has two variable speed compressors that closely match the thermal load needs of a building. With a system turn down ratio of 4:1, the capacity can be adjusted right down to 25%. Both compressors simultaneously ramp up and down to maintain temperature while minimising energy use, and at very low part load conditions, run time equalisation occurs.
 High efficiency EC Fan technology
Hercules uses an EC Plug indoor fan to deliver exact airflow requirements whilst minimising power usage at the same time. In fact, EC Plug Fan technology is up to 50% more efficient than traditional forward curve belt and pulley systems.

Hercules also uses EC outdoor fans to deliver improved performance and efficiency when compared to AC technology. While AC motors have an efficiency of 50-70%, EC motors perform with up to 90% efficiency. This not only results in better use of primary energy, it’s also achieved with less heat loss, which adds up to a longer product life cycle.


 Big thinking, with a small start-up current
For such a large unit, Hercules starts up with a deceptively small nudge – just 25 amps at start-up. That’s smaller than a lot of home air conditioners, and can make a huge difference to the cost of installation. It may also mean lower infrastructure costs, and can reduce the load on the power grid and stress on the compressor. It drastically lowers complexity and time restraints for consultants, builders and electrical engineers, and it can make the difference between having to upgrade the entire electrical mains at enormous cost.
 Designed for easy installation and configuration
Hercules offers enough flexibility to suit most applications, thanks to things like multiple handing options, container transportable for ease of transit, flexible ductwork connections, structurally enhanced independent base, factory fitted lockable 3-phase load break isolation switch, and the ability for outside air to be introduced manually or automatically to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
 So comfortable, people will want to stay
Thanks to its variable speed capability, Hercules can deliver temperature stability up to +-0.3°C of a degree at the sensor location. And you can control that on or off-site as it’s compatible with most BMS systems. Hercules also automatically adjusts its fan speed as the filters get dirty, to ensure continuous optimal performance.


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