Mã sản phẩm: FTXZ25NVMA6

Hãng: Actronair

Bảo hành: 3 năm

Thông số kỹ thuật:

- Công suất: làm lạnh 2.45 (0.6-3.9) kW / làm nóng 3.6 (0.6-7.5) kW

- Kích thước dàn lạnh : 295 x 798 x 370 mm / 38/26/19 dB(A)

- Kích thước dàn nóng : 595 x 795 x 300 mm / 46 dB(A)

- Công suất điện tiêu thụ: làm lạnh 430 (110-880)W / sưởi ấm 620 (100-2,010) W

Tình trạng: Còn Hàng

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Khuyến mại: Tặng PMH trị giá 300.000đ + Tặng công lắp đặt + Tặng gói bảo dưỡng + Trả góp 0.5% trong 6 tháng với ACS



 Tried, tested, and trusted performance.

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Live better all year round with Classic comfort control. ActronAir’s Classic ducted system is engineered to deliver better comfort with better control, to heat or cool your whole house, or just a few areas.


 Engineered for Australia
Made with a superior operating range of -10°C to 50°C, the Classic ducted system is engineered to withstand the hottest and coldest conditions Australia can throw at it
 Higher capacity
Classic continues to operate with 85% more capacity at 46°C than conventional inverter systems.
 From zero to comfort – instantly
Unlike a conventional inverter, which can take between 5 and 10 minutes to get up to full capacity, Classic can get up to maximum capacity almost immediately – perfect for when you need to get comfy fast.


 Classic Zoning can save you money
Classic Zoning allows you to separate your house in up to 8 zones to maximise energy efficiency.
 Total control at home
We build our own controls in Australia, designing them to be logical and user-friendly, which makes controlling your Classic a breeze.
 …and away
With optional ActronConnect, you can control your Classic system with your phone or laptop, from your favourite spot on the lounge or on your way home from work.



 Vertical Discharge

Rather than design a unit that pushes air straight into the neighbour’s fence, which means the hot air wouldn’t escape and lead to a reduction in performance and higher energy consumption, we’ve engineered the Classic to release hot air upwards.
 Louvered Grille
The Classic’s powder coated louvered grille guard allows for better airflow and protection against Australia’s extreme weather conditions.
 Coated Coil Protection
The Classic uses blue fin epoxy coated protection on its indoor and outdoor coils, which helps to reduce corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions.
 Efficient EC Inverter Indoor Fan
The Classic range uses a highly efficient EC Inverter indoor fan to deliver precise comfort control, smoother operation, and quieter starting and stopping.
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